Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gil and Cal Discuss Transportation

Gil: Hey Cal, sorry I’m late.
Cal: What happened? I thought you were coming over an hour ago?
Gil: Yeah, I know. Sorry man. The highway traffic was horrible.
Cal: Why didn’t you just take the carpool lane?
Gil: Because I didn’t have anyone else in the car.
Cal: So what?
Gil: Well, that’s the whole point of the carpool lane. It’s the city’s reward for you minimizing the amount of cars on the road by bringing someone with you who otherwise would be driving his own car.
Cal: Or her own car, Gil.
Gil: Yes, you’re right, or her own car. So do we still have time to make the movie? Cal? Cal!
Cal: Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about the carpool lane.
Gil: Ugh. What about it?
Cal: Well, so, if you have anyone in your car with you, you’re allowed to drive in the lane?
Gil: Yup, that’s right.
Cal: What if it’s a 14-year old kid?
Gil: I think that still counts as an extra commuter.
Cal: But that doesn’t make sense. 14-year olds can’t drive, so if the kid wasn’t in the car, it’s not like he would be driving himself.
Gil: Or it’s not like she would be driving herself.
Cal: Very funny, but do you see what I mean?
Gil: Actually I do. I think you’ve found a loophole in the system.
Cal: Nice!
Gil: Congratulations.
Cal: Wait, I just thought of something else. What if it’s just the driver and a baby in a carseat?
Gil: I actually think the baby still technically counts as a commuter.
Cal: Wow! That’s awesome. Why doesn’t everyone just get a baby so they can take the shortcut?
Gil: First, it’s not a shortcut. It’s just a lane with less traffic. And second, you really think someone is going to have a baby just so he can shave a few minutes of his commute?
Cal: Or her commute. I just thought of something else.
Gil: What’s that?
Cal: What if it’s just a pregnant woman driving?
Gil: What do you mean?
Cal: I mean, if a baby in a carseat counts as a commuter, why not a baby inside the mother?
Gil: Um, I think you’ve crossed the line of rational thinking, Cal. It’s not a commuter until it can sit in its own seat.
Cal: What! No way! He’s a commuter the second he exists! Just because he hasn’t been born yet doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to a shorter commute! That’s not fair to him!
Gil: Or her.