Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gil and Cal Talk Semantics

Gil: OK, Gil, I’m takin’ off. Have a good one.
Cal: What.
Gil: I said “I’m leaving.” Have a good one.
Cal: Have a good what?
Gil: What do you mean?
Cal: You told me to have a good one. A good what?
Gil: A good DAY, Cal.
Cal: Oh. I’ve never heard that expression before.
Gil: You’ve never heard, “Have a good one?”
Cal: No. So, “one” means “day.”
Gil: Yeah.
Cal: That doesn’t make sense. “One” could mean anything. You could be saying, “Have a good ski trip” or “Have a good time filling your bathtub with M&Ms.”
Gil: Do you plan on filling your bathtub with M&Ms any time soon?
Cal: No, why would I do that? That would take forever. And be really expensive. And some would get caught in the drain. And what would you do with them afterwards? Hey, what’s the biggest bag of M—
Gil: Well there you go.
Cal: OK. So “one” means “day.”
Gil: Again, yes.
Cal: Got it. Well you know what they say. You learn something new every one.
Gil: Bye, Cal.

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